Quiet & Coffee

Good Morning Friends! Its been a minute since I’ve had a Saturday of quiet and coffee.  The fam is at the pool this morning and somehow Saturday seems to give me “permission” to start the day a little slower. For some people that easy day is Sunday but we attend early church so Sunday finds us hitting the floor running on Sunday mornings but if Jesus is willing to love and forgive me the very least I can do (and the I mean the very least) is set an alarm and get up for church. 

This Christmas season is about to really gear up and I’ll be spending some time in my planner today trying to wrap my head around all the things. Planning will save your sanity during the busy times and friends this is the busiest. I have even been known to place sticky notes on the cabinet doors for extra reminders! I will also be planning out the treats I’ll be making. Holiday baking is my happiness and I’ll be sure to share that with ya’ll.

This afternoon I’ll be attempting to take pictures of our Senior swimmers. Our team does posters featuring our Seniors every year and they are hung in the hallway leading into the pool. My baby girl is one of these Seniors so its pretty special to see her and her classmates as they enjoy this time. 💕 I’m a hobby picture-taker, not a photographer so if this is a mess we’ll be back to the drawing board.

As I’m writing this post I’m listening to Vlogmas on YouTube, its the best YouTube season and I love seeing everyone’s Christmas decorations. My kitchen table is a mess but I’ll get to it….eventually😊

Well, I best get up and start this day. I hope you’ll go make a MESS with your loved ones today as I try to not make a mess of these pictures!